Find the Best Movies and TV Shows on Netflix With Trim by GoodMovies ApS

August 22 02:30 2023
Trim automatically displays IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for all movies on Netflix and fades out low-rated movies.

With the advent of streaming sites featuring unlimited options for movies and TV shows, users are spoiled for choice. However, this also presents a challenge as users scroll through vast libraries to find the next show or movie to watch. Netflix introduced its own internal rating system, but most people still rely on other review aggregation sites for information on the best movies and TV shows, and ratings. Therefore, the only solution available to users has been the overwhelming task of checking ratings on review aggregation sites before settling on a movie to watch or show to binge. Understanding the frustrating hassle of having to google movie titles to find their ratings and other pertinent information, GoodMovies ApS created Trim

Trim is a cutting-edge Chrome extension that’s automatically bringing IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings on Netflix. Trim eliminates the hassle of choosing a movie or TV show by presenting users with top-rated movies. The extension also filters out all low-rated films, so they aren’t on the recommendation list. Trim makes it easier for users to find the best movies and TV shows on Netflix  per country in addition to information on the movie description, cast, director, and year of release. 

Upon installation, Trim shows IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings on top of the thumbnails on the Netflix homepage. Tapping on the ratings reveals additional information and detailed reviews on the aggregation sites. The extension also shows hidden Netflix genres and allows users to set their preferred IMDb rating, and any TV series or movie with a lower rating will be faded out.

GoodMovies ApS believes that a technologically charged world should eliminate inconveniences and is playing its part by streamlining the process of finding the best movies and TV shows on Netflix. With Trim, viewers have access to a curated library of the highest-rated TV series and movies in various genres.

Get Trim from the Chrome Webstore and enjoy a hassle-free way of finding all the best movies and TV shows worth watching on Netflix in different countries. 

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