StudioDesk Company Takes The World By Storm on The Launch of ProLine XXL

December 07 18:00 2021

When it comes to the studio furniture for home and professional studios, Company Studio Desk never disappoints. This time, their very popular PROLINE Series has enriched with the new member a big brother, PROLINE XXL Classic desk.  

This Impressive desk with over 4.1 m in width is full of the unique features on the market. Let us mention just a few.  

Rack spaces. If you ever thought that 52 standard Rack units are not possible to install on one single desk, you were wrong. PROLINE XXL desk will handle 20 units installed inside the desk Rack bays on the top of the desk. Should you need more space, Install an optional upgrade for 16 Units on each side of the desk and now you’ll have whooping 52 rack units installed on one single desk.  

You don’t like the color of your armrest anymore. No problem, the NEW Proline central armrest is exchangeable. Order the new color from the company, unscrew a few screws and change it yourself easily.   

Should you need a space for a really big mixing console, they got you covered. Remove the top monitor shelf and install another one on the back of the main desk’s surface. 

Now you’ll have space for the console up to D1000 x W1500 mm. 

The top shelf above the rack bays will easily accommodate 2 pairs of speakers. 

Next is exciting news for many producers who were dreaming about the next feature.