From Pre-Med to Sales Extraordinaire: How UVA Student Ana Tsiskarishvili Set Herself Apart from Her Peers Through Her Summer Job at The Virginia Titan Division

November 30 21:45 2021
When Ana Tsiskarishvili Began Selling Cutco Cutlery in 2018, She Soon Discovered that Work Ethic Prevails Over Hours Contributed and Experience

Society is living amid a new era of independence, entrepreneurship, and hustle. Now more than ever, young adults are taking their financial independence into their own hands, finding side hustles that yield annual salaries in half the time, paving a path for a brighter future. As a busy Pre-med student at the University of Virginia, Ana Tsiskarishvili’s time was slim, but she knew she needed something that was flexible and a good differentiator from other high-achieving students. A friend introduced Ana to The Virginia Titan Division’s program selling Cutco Cutlery. Once she finished her interview, she knew she was in the right place.

In Ana’s field of study, one must have a stellar portfolio of work and school experience to stand out from the crowd. She never expected that the summer job she applied for in 2018 would not only place her ahead of the rest but would also change her entire life. Immediately falling in love with the company, the culture, and her peers, Ana began discovering the unparalleled power of a strong work ethic, and how commitment trumps time contributed 100% of the time. In her second summer, now in management, she earned a whopping $40,000 in four months, at just 19 years old. 

This success placed Ana on a path towards financial independence while investing in her future, and the future of those around her. Initially unfamiliar with sales and managing a team of her peers, Ana worked adamantly on her personal development to adapt, learn, and mature to lead her team in reaching personal records and office records in her time as the Pilot Sales Manager of the Fairfax Division Office.

“My mission is to be my authentic self always and empower others to be the highest versions of themselves.”

Understanding that leadership is far more than mere skill, it is a mindset and emotional maturity level that must be mastered — Ana has risen to become a well-respected figure in the Vector Marketing community. What Ana found at Virginia Titan was far more than a job, it was an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and become who she is destined to be. 

“Working at Vector Marketing has taught me that growth starts outside of your comfort zone, so as I worked to take myself to the next level, I took a look at my life and evaluated where I was still playing in my comfort zone. As a result, I signed up for a half-marathon despite hating running because I want to be someone that purposefully does hard things. I can’t tell my people to grow personally and move past fears that hold them back if I haven’t taken the steps (literally) to do that myself.” – Ana Tsiskarishvili

What started as a summer job has quickly blossomed into a calling. Looking forward, Ana has expressed her unwavering commitment to becoming a District Manager for the summer of 2022 and further bringing her vision to fruition as she continues in her studies and her sales goals. 

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