Fintech Expert Mr. LEE Wai Shing: Knowledge and innovation are the most valuable “capital” of investors

November 17 00:27 2021

Knowledge is the greatest wealth for any industry, and investment industry is no exception. Novice investors rely on their trading ability, while medium-sized investors rely on their capital. For the top-ranked investment experts, knowledge and innovation ability are their real and greatest “capital”.At present, with the rapid development of the financial industry, big data, cloud computing, intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies have more and more profound impact on the financial industry. Therefore, the knowledge and innovation ability of an investor often become the key to the ultimate success or failure. The most representative of these is Mr. LEE Wai Shing, a famous securities investment expert in Asia. His investment career perfectly explains that knowledge and innovation are the valuable “capital” of investors.

Started from years of 1999, when he joined Wocom Securities Limited as a Marketing Manager to 2013 when he joined China Galaxy International Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Mr. LEE Wai Shing’s life seems to have entered the fast lane. Whether he is trading securities in person, or providing investment advice to customers, or planning investment portfolios such as stocks, options and futures for customers, he always adheres to a principle – “Don’t fight unprepared battles”. This view seems old, but it is not easy to really do it. Especially in the field of investment, a stock usually represents an industry, and it is difficult to achieve “one strike must be won” without in-depth understanding of the industry. However, Mr. LEE Wai Shing was able to conduct in-depth research on related industries with his own tenacity and understanding, and then decisively buy; At the same time, every week, he will formulate short-term investment portfolio for customers according to his solid theoretical foundation and rich knowledge, and recommend some short-term stocks with appreciation potential to customers, which has become a brand service of his department. Many customers, including Mr. LEE Wai Shing himself, have obtained rich returns in these trading operations.

Despite the remarkable achievements, Mr. LEE Wai Shing has a higher pursuit of how to make knowledge play its role to the maximum extent and how to realize the stability and maximization of revenue through innovation. For others, these seem to have become “impossible tasks”. However, in Mr. LEE Wai Shing’s view, knowledge and innovation are originally “powerful capital”. If properly applied, they will be able to create benefits through integration. The most convincing evidence is that Mr. LEE Wai Shing has combined his financial investment knowledge with industry knowledge and scientific and technological knowledge, and has developed leading and breakthrough scientific and technological achievements. A few decades ago, shortly after China started the economic transformation activity called “reform and opening up”, Deng Xiaoping, the second generation of Chinese leaders, who was praised as “chief designer”, put forward the conclusion that “science and technology are the primary productive forces”. Judging from the occurrence and development of many industrial revolutions, this assertion is undoubtedly convincing.

In less than two years from September 2018 to March 2020, Mr. LEE Wai Shing has successively launched a series of innovative and intelligent technological achievements, such as an Active Stop Loss Management System Based on Risk Aversion Mechanism V1.0, a Market Trend Operation Analysis System Based on Dynamic Mining of Bond Volatility Index V1.0, an Investment Risk Estimation and Query Platform Based on Hybrid Expert System V1.0 and an Option Value Calculation System Based on Time Fractional Order V1.0. The research, development and application of these achievements, It not only creates a new pattern of intelligent financial investment, but also has extremely important significance in maintaining the stability of financial markets, protecting the rights and interests of financial investors and preventing and controlling financial risks. Enabling finance with science and technology has truly solved many difficult problems in financial investment activities,such as income and return, active stop loss, value estimation and market analysis, etc. These technologies have also become sharp tools for investors to conduct financial investment activities, and are of special significance in safeguarding the capital safety of financial investors and avoiding investment risks for enterprises.

As a result, Mr. LEE Wai Shing has opened up his own “territory” in the field of intense and uncertain financial investment. Its huge driving effect and wide influence also spread throughout Asia and the global financial circles, including Galaxy Securities. Many internationally renowned financial institutions have launched long-term and in-depth cooperation with Mr. LEE Wai Shing, and used Mr. LEE Wai Shing’s research results to escort their respective financial and investment service products. Up to now, These technological achievements have provided accurate and stable services to hundreds of thousands of customers, and the customer satisfaction rate has reached over 99% for many years. The entire financial industry and investment and financing fields have benefited from these achievements and have made great progress.

It can be predicted that now, just as we are experiencing now, a technological revolution in the field of financial investment is under way, and the key force is knowledge integration and technological innovation, which is exactly what Mr. LEE Wai Shing is doing at this moment.

(Text: Su Marie)

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