Gifted Composer, Valerie Delaney Embarks on Her Next Major Project

February 11 15:37 2015

As one of Canada’s most successful composers, Valerie Delaney has an impressive array of honors and accomplishments.  Her electroacoustic composition La cite de verre (City of Glass) earned her the Third Prize Luigi Russolo at the International Music Contest luigi Russolo as well as the Fifth Prize at the Jeu de Temps/ Times Play 2010 Competition. Valerie Delaney also was a Finalist in the 2007 Musica Nova Competition in Prague for her work Different Shades of Blue.  Many of her compositions have also been featured at festivals in North America and Europe.

In 2014, Valerie released her first full length album Piano Dolente to widespread critical acclaim.  This album also helped earn her the Artist of the Year Award from L’Hebdo Rive Nord.  Although she primarily considers herself a composer for film and television, the immense appeal of her many musical pieces has helped earn legions of fans from throughout the classical music world. 

As a follow up to the success of Piano Dolente, Valerie Delaney would like to record a new album entitled Timeless Keys, which will also feature the piano and cello.  Among the musical artists who will perform on the album is the highly talented cellist Christof Unterberger. 

Timeless Keys is an ambitious project that will build on her prior successes, but this undertaking will be a costly one. Valérie has sponsored a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the $5,000 necessary to complete the recording process. In return for your generous support when backing this campaign, you may receive her first album Piano Dolente, as well as Timeless Keys when it is completed. 

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