Venerated Anger Management Expert, Debbie Heaton Plans Book that Will Educate about Anger Issues

February 11 15:37 2015

Anger is a constant force in the lives of most people, whether originates internally or from others.  Despite this common occurrence, there is considerable misunderstanding and confusion about this powerful emotion.  Debbie Heaton, a veteran cognitive therapist, has spent decades helping others understand this complex force in their lives and how to channel it in constructive ways. After working for 27 years in mental health and substance abuse prevention in addition to 13 years of specialization in anger management programs, Debbie would like to share her authoritative expertise about anger issues with the general public through a new book entitled “Paving a Positive Path to the Future”.

This book will not only explore how anger permeates everyone’s lives, it will also present powerful examples of how toxic it can be if not properly managed.  Using examples from her own years as a therapist as well as situations that others in her profession have experienced, Debbie plans a deep and comprehensive exposé on the power of this basic, human emotion and important techniques for responding to the anger in yourself and others.  These anger management methods have proven enormously successful in the lives of her clients, and Debbie is confident that they will help almost all of her readers achieve greater personal peace and social harmony.

Debbie plans to complete her book in the next few months, with a publication date later in 2015.  This is an enormous undertaking which will require costly services like copywriting, editing, graphic design and marketing.  To raise the estimated $20,000 necessary to publish “Paving a Positive Path to the Future,” Debbie has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  Backers of this important project will have the opportunity to receive a copy of “Paving a Positive Path to the Future.” 

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