Bullies are Not Only Human, They’re Everywhere!

February 11 16:10 2015
When Actress Nadia Sahari witnessed an abusive cat in her neighborhood, she realized that bullying exists among our animal brethren much like among our human brethren. There’s a lot of bullying out there these days and kids need to know how to recognize it and what to do about it. Ms. Sahari gives parents and teachers a perfect format to teach kids about bullying in this colorful children’s book.

The Bully Cat, written by the best-selling author of Breakaway: The Road to Freedom, Nadia Sahari, tells how one cat bullies other cats and what happens to the bully cat for being just plain mean. Two children, Maia and Raiden, discover ten stray cats in their yard. The children have fun naming the cats. They love animals but are alarmed when the bully cat comes. The bully cat eats all the food and fights with other cats. What to do? The family finds a creative solution. Children learn about bullying and what they need to do if they are being bullied. No secrets. This book is beautifully illustrated by artist Olga Rudnitsky and fun to read for all ages.

Sahari says the book almost wrote itself. “One day after major surgery I was looking out my window and began to think of what to do during my six month recovery. There it was right in front of my face. I saw him THE BULLY CAT. The title came instantly and the story began. Star was a bully cat and he was mean to all the other cats in my yard. I pulled out the laptop and wrote the story as I lived it and as I saw it for the next six months.  All the cats were my inspiration as well as the news on TV and in papers. I could not stand the idea of another child being bullied and then possibly committing suicide. My heart broke each time and each time it caused a setback for me. I thought of the children and the animals that are so innocent and have no control over what happens to them. Something had to be done. I knew my book for children THE BULLY CAT  would definitely help younger children understand, learn and give them the teachings from an interesting cat story. I wanted it to be fun and colorful too.”

The statistics are alarming.  According to the ASPCC each day an estimated 160,000 in the USA refuse to go to school because they dread the physical and verbal aggression of their peers. Many more attend school in a chronic state of anxiety and depression. It’s reported that 6 out of 10 American youth witness bully at least once a day.

The book comes at an appropriate time when daily stress causes people to act and react in ways that are not appropriate and bullying often ends in tragedy. The book will offically launch on February 12, 2015. Visit the site at http://ow.ly/IH3e6

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