AnyFlip, Provider of Digital Magazine Software, Seeks to Develop Environmental Awareness to Global Publishing Industries

February 11 11:02 2015

Page Turning Book created by AnyFlip
Digital magazines do not hurt the environment like printed books have been proven to do. When compared to printed books, digital magazines are clearly more engaging, productive, effective, and affordable.

AnyFlip Software Company, developer of the revolutionary free magazine publishing platform, has announced their plans to promote environmental protection concepts to raise awareness among publishing companies on a global scale. Traditional paper books require thousands of tons of paper to publish them in mass numbers, and the effects on the environment are devastating since trees have to die to create the paper. They are also expensive to publish, lack interactive features, are expensive to ship, and they cannot be accessed on multiple devices or platforms. Published paper books simply do not compare to stunning digital flipbooks and magazines that engage customers and enhance brands.

Companies that want to significantly improve their marketing efforts will find that quality digital flipbooks that are published with AnyFlip software are much more effective and productive than printed books and other marketing materials. Digital flipbooks can be easily modified, they are simple to create, and they are packed full of rich, interactive features. Users can add audio, video, links, animations, and other features to fully customize reports, catalogs, or any other documents in a flipbook format.

In addition, users can design their flipbook from scratch, use high quality templates, or import existing publications. Digital flipbooks are also much more cost-effective than printed books. They can be read on nearly any digital device, so companies can get the word out about their products, services, and updates quickly and efficiently. If printed versions are essential for certain purposes, no problem! Flipbooks that are created with AnyFlip software can be printed if the need should arise.

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