Actor Dave Bresnahan Selected for Supporting Role in “Gulag Barashevo”

February 10 11:05 2015
Actor Dave Bresnahan has been selected for the role of the Gulag Commissar in the film “Gulag Barashevo.” Filming is underway for this feature film.

Salt Lake City, UtahActor Dave Bresnahan has been selected for a supporting role in the feature film Gulag Barashevo, directed by Michael Kingsbury. Filming takes place in February and early March 2015 in the snowy mountains of California.

“This is the first feature length USSR Gulag-genre film made entirely in the U.S. A Russian dissident in the USSR is arrested and sent to the Gulags. This film is about the Marxist USSR persecution of people of Faith,” explained Kingsbury.

Bresnahan said he spent a full week studying the history of the Soviet Gulag system, and worked on his Russian accent. He said he wanted to enter the mind of a Gulag commissar so that he could properly portray the role he was auditioning for. The audition was placed on video in Utah and sent to Kingsbury along with many others from across the country.

Bresnahan has a long list of films to his credit. His film credits and other work as a filmmaker can be found at He is a former gymnast and coach, journalist, book author, business owner, and volunteers as a community service EMT teaching first aid and CPR.

“We received video auditions from many actors, and Dave Bresnahan stood out among them all. His eye expression is outstanding. The entire performance, accent, face is perfect. This will be very magnetic for the audience. Thanks Dave for that fantastic video performance of the Commissar. It is extremely gripping, I can’t stop looking at your character,” said Kingsbury about his selection of Bresnahan for the role.

According to, during the greatest genocide of the 20th Century, over 50 million people and their entire families, were exterminated in the Marxist USSR Gulags from 1917 to 1991. The independent-thinkers were a threat to the Marxist system, and Christians were high on the list of people who were targeted.

“The leaders of the Communist Party considered repression the way to control the people. The Gulag system was introduced to isolate and eliminate people of faith and those who were socially dangerous, disruptive, suspicious, because their deeds and thoughts were not contributing to the strengthening of the dictatorship of the proletariat,” explained Bresnahan. “I am honored to be a part of this film that preserves history and tells a story that will be lost to the current and future generations if not preserved. We need to progress as humans, and we cannot do that unless we learn from our past,” he added.

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