[email protected] Introduces the [email protected] Sensor With Mobile App for Phone

February 09 10:31 2015
[email protected] introduces a new product called [email protected] that provides data about electricity usage anywhere in the home. A device communicates with a smartphone or tablet through a unique app to all consumers to monitor and report on energy usage.

Kensington, London – As energy prices continue to rise, consumers are looking for a way to save on electricity consumption. The new [email protected] Sensor by [email protected] uses advanced algorithms and data collection methods to monitor the electricity use for the home and conveys that information through a smartphone app so that consumers can learn more about how they are using energy in every room of the house.

Consumers simply and non-intrusively plug the [email protected] Sensor into a standard 50 Hz/220V or 60 Hz/110V breaker box and download the app. The [email protected] Sensor immediately begins monitoring energy consumption throughout the home and offers the consumer feedback on ways to make small changes to the daily routine to save energy, whether certain appliances of the home consume more energy than expected and where this energy is being used. All of this data is reported on-the-go through the consumer’s smartphone or tablet.

[email protected] Sensor uses advanced disaggregation algorithms to measure the level of energy usage by appliance by sampling at a much higher frequency than smart meters. This allows [email protected] Sensor to constantly track the usage of electricity and reports on any anomalies. Continuous monitoring builds a profile of energy use that can help the consumer reduce consumption and energy bills.

Through the unique [email protected] app, the [email protected] cloud will also notify the consumer in case of any unexpected electricity use at home to identify appliances that may be faulty. The [email protected] Sensor will notify the consumer if appliances are left on and will analyze electricity bills for insights on power use patterns. Finally, [email protected] cloud also notifies the consumer if a cheaper electricity tariff becomes available in the area.

By using [email protected]’s [email protected] Sensor, consumers can gather meaningful data on their energy consumption and make informed changes to save money. [email protected] is currently conducting a crowdsourcing Kickstarter campaign to gather funds to market this unique and important device at http://kck.st/1CuWtip

About Voltaware:

[email protected] is a company that is dedicated to helping consumers lower their energy consumption and bills through the use of the latest technology.

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