Simple service that will increase the number of new business enquiries by 100% via video marketing, recently launched

February 04 09:56 2015

“Video marketing is about visual storytelling, sharing with prospects information or education about a business, their product and/or services” It is now more affordable, customisable and timely for businesses of shapes and sizes to have daily, weekly or monthly videos made and distributed across ever increasing networks, to grow their business and revenue. Enter the new age of constant, cost effective video marketing!
Any business, anywhere, in any niche can now simply, cost effectively and quickly promote their business, products or service via video online. Whether it is in conjunction with their business website, YouTube channel or as part of a wider visual campaign, this new video marketing services offering signals and end to the old days of a single video on YouTube, hoping that someone might see it!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2/4/2015 — Internet Search Engine Marketing recently introduced a service called Video Marketing that will enable businesses to increase new customer enquiries. Internet Search Engine Marketing’s latest innovation is the first of its kind to not only include a turnkey video marketing service which is important because instead of having to find multiple experts and software, it is all done by the one company, but it will also have extremely wide and tested networks in which to publish business videos which is huge because instead of just being on YouTube, videos are now syndicated and shared across multiple sites, increasing business visibility.

The folks at Internet Search Engine Marketing were fed up. They’ve heard similar stories from people who are struggling with this common problem. You probably know the feeling since you may have tried advertising in the Yellow Pages which just resulted in very little in the way of new business and enquiries. Not only that, but you also may have tried advertising in local papers, flyers, etc which only led to too much cost for very little return. Unfortunately, you some businesses may have even tried social media and other online marketing options which just ended up in infrequent, irrelevant, new business enquiries.

When Internet Search Engine Marketing was able to increase the number of new business enquiries by 100%, they realized they could not keep this information to themselves. Revealing this solution meant helping people so they’re finally about to increase new customer enquiries.

Tony, a Seasoned Video Marketer who is now able to get quality, targeted videos for their business daily, weekly and monthly, have their business and services seen by a much wider pool of prospects and generate interest and leads for their business 24/7 without difficulties, insists there is no better time to invest in Video Marketing. Anxious to see others achieve the same results, Tony highly recommends visiting

This website provides a wealth of information so that you can finally get the results you are looking for. Now you won’t have to hire budding television directors or editors which will probably cost you well over $3,500 for a single video. You could also trying to script, produce and publish your own videos which isn’t advised either, since you’ll likely overspend up to $4,700.

To learn more about how to increase new customer enquiries, please visit for information. Be sure to check this out soon, they  Will Only Be Selling 100 packages in each city area. This is because once they start in a niche, they usually dominate it for their clients and they don’t want to service too many businesses or competing interests. Internet Search Engine Marketing looks forward to helping businesses get the you the results they desire.

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