Tech entrepreneur LunSovann’s product review and recommendation site,, has been making waves again in the online community as it approaches the 20,000 follower mark on Facebook.

May 18 02:34 2019

Founded in 2014, the website has amassed a large, loyal following of users that have grown agitated with the lack of impartialness, detail, and variety that have plagued most other large review websites as time moves forward and the internet continues to develop. “We just kind of got sick of it ourselves, you know?” Sovann said during a recent podcast. “We felt that a lot of the reviews that we were seeing online were completely bogus and weren’t putting the consumer first. That’s why we started Top10bestpro.”

Sovann works tirelessly with his team to bring reviews and recommendations from a massive variety of categories to their users on a regular basis. From baby products to health and personal care to sports and outdoors, the site claims to have one of the largest varieties of products under their scope while still maintaining the highest level of quality in their reviews. “It’s not easy to keep up with so many products in different markets, but our users keep coming back because that’s exactly what we do. And we do it very well,” Sovann said. Not exactly known for his modesty, Sovann’s critics have tried their best to find fault with Top10bestpro and his statements. However, nothing speaks louder than a growing mass of regular users, which is exactly what Top10bestpro seems to be accumulating.

Sovann and his team are optimistic for the future (as they should be). As the company grows, they have continued to add to their collection of expert writers and reviewers to continue to push the envelope for what it means to run a quality review website. “It’s not enough to simply keep up with trends and regurgitate what’s already been said elsewhere. We need experts, masters in their field, to get hands on experience with these things, and then we need them to deliver the results to our audience without any kind of bias – and in a way that is current and up to date with real people’s way of thinking,” Sovann said during the recent podcast. The market’s response has been overwhelmingly positive to Top10bestpro’s “consumer first” approach to reviews, with Sovann’s project being heralded as a “breath of fresh air in the space” by so many that come into contact with it. “This is the way a review site SHOULD be,” one fan commented on a recent article.

When asked about future plans for Top10bestpro nearing the end of the podcast, Sovann shied away from giving too many details, but true to his nature, gave some words that will be sure to inspire his investors. “We will continue to do what we have been doing – which is dominate the space and provide more value than our biggest competitors combined.”

He also hinted at some possible big news for later in the year. “Stay tuned. I can’t say much now, but we have some big developments in store for 2019.” Whatever the case, his fans and users of the site anxiously await to see what he and Top10bestpro have coming for them:

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