3 gram gold Kanchipuram sarees in contrast borders at Kanjivaram silks

May 18 02:12 2019
3 gram gold Kanchipuram sarees in contrast borders at Kanjivaram silks
Kanchipuram sarees in contrast borders made at Kanjivaram silks with 3 gram gold zari and pure mulberry silk.

Kanjivaram silks are renowned for making kanchipuram sarees and now they come up with 3 gram gold zari kanchipuram sarees in contrast borders. Unique and trendy contrast colour combinations are used for the body and the border of the kanchipuram sarees. According to the ceo of kanjivaram silks, Vamsee says that “normal kanchipuram wedding sarees comes in self gold zari borders and now a days, brides are looking for contrast border wedding silk sarees.“

Kanchipuram is not a new name for the Indian fashionistas since we have known this name for a long time. Kanchipuram Saree is actually made of silk and that is why it could also be said Kanchipuram Silk Saree. It comes up with thick fabric dipped in the lovely shades having hints of gold, which makes it ideal for various festive occasions and celebrations too. If you are hunting for a kind of classy ethnic option, you can go ahead with this option. Today, we are going to put light on Kanchipuram saree that what it makes it so popular, price, pattern and so on in a detailed manner.

About the Origin and History

Talking about the story of the Kanchipuram silk saree, it associates to Hindu mythology. It is considered that the Kanchi silk weavers are actually the descendants of Sage Markanda. Moreover, they are regarded with much respect since they were also considered as the master weaver of the Gods themselves.

Kanchipuram is a small town located in Tamil Nadu widely popular for Kanjeevaram saree. It has been running in these regions back 400 years. Two prominent communities of Andhra Pradesh namely the Devangas and Saligars migrated to the town of Kanchipuram. These two communities were so excellent at weaving skill. They used to make silk saree bearing the image of scripture and figurines found on the temples all across the villages. Moreover, this is the reason that made these silk saree quite popular all around the city.

Though we are living in the digital age but still the fashion of Kanchipuram Silk Saree rules over the women’s heart. This silk saree is worn proudly on traditional ceremonies, other festivities, weddings and so on. Not only in South India, but the magic of Kanchipuram saree is going on all across the country.

Do You Know About The Weaving Process?

Kanchipuram Silk Saree is made using the pure mulberry silk that makes it completely different from other Sarees. Silk associates to South India. On the other hand, pure gold and silver zari belong to Gujarat. The silk thread used to weave saree.

Why Kanchivaram Saree Is Widely Popular

Kanchipuram Saree is high in demand all across the world. The popularity of Kanchipuram Silk Saree is increasing day-by-day.

Wide Collection With Incredible Varieties

You may wonder knowing that Kanchipuram silk Sarees were used to be a nine-yard weave. However, later on, it got reduced by 3 yards and now it is of six-yards because of being practical. It is also important to mention that the original gold and silver zari is also replaced by a reasonable metal or copper zari, which is quite effective to hold on to the sheen of the texture irrespective the cost.

How To Buy Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Are you going to buy Kanchipuram saree the first time? You need to keep some important points so that you would not have to regret your decision.

Do check Zari Closely:

First, you need to check the border of the saree and the body. They both will be in total contrast. Make sure that you are not going to buy a fake product since the market is also full of fake and cheap silk Sarees too. To make sure that it is not artificial zari, you need to check closely at the color of the finished zari to identify a fake.

Burn the loose threads to check:

There is another option to check if the silk saree you are going to buy is original or fake. To check the difference between an original and fake Kanchipuram silk saree, you need to pick a few loose threads and burn them. Now, it is time to pick the remaining ash and do smell it. You will have a smell pretty much similar to burnt leather or hair. And if saree is made of using artificial fibers, you will not have any ash upon burning.

Check the shades of Loose Threads:

You do not agree to this burning thing then you may also go with another one. You may look for the loose ends of Zari used in the saree. Talking about the pure zari, it is actually made of red silk thread, which is twisted with a silver thread and dipped, in the gold shade. But you should not go with zari thread having either white or any other shade. It could be fake.

The mark of silk mark:

At the time of buying, you should also check that your saree is having the mark of Silk Mark indicating towards the purity. You must not ignore this sign since it is all about your style and money both at the same time.

How Much You Have To Pay

Are you contemplating how much you have to pay for buying Silk Saree? Talking about the original saree’s price, it could be in between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. You may buy the half silk-half synthetic saree if it does not go within your budget. You may also check the online collection in order to get to know more about the price, quality, and pattern of these silk Sarees. You must buy any of this quite stylish-cum-traditional saree.

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