Rami Beracha Turns Injury into Inspiration and Innovation

May 18 00:00 2019

In October 2012, a commander from the Givati Brigade, Ziv Shilon, was on his final mission and last day searching for explosive devices and tunnels near the Israel-Gaza border. His task was opening the border fence gate to enable the Israeli tanks entrance into Israel territory.

According to Shilon, as he ran to the gate and opened the lock, he took three steps forward a huge explosion threw him back. When he opened his eyes, he realized that his left hand was filled with blood. He tried to apply pressure on the wound, but his injured hand was almost disconnected. After the incident, he began understanding the world of people with disabilities. As stabilized, it became clear to him that the real battle of life had just begun. He understood that he had two choices, to depend on his family for the rest of his life or wake up each morning and say thanks that he still has his life.

Fortunately, Shilon chose the latter. He founded 6Degrees, a Tel Aviv-based start-up developing motion company.

The company is spearheaded by Rami Beracha, a successful and popular hi-tech investor who was also severely wounded during the First Lebanon War. Shilon gives gratitude to the struggles from his injury and says they help him develop more innovative technology that will inspire people with similar disabilities.

His company develops a wearable technology, which controls smart devices to help an individual with upper-limb abnormalites to join the digital world. The technology is suitable for people both born with upper-limb abnormalities or from the result of an injury.

Shilon stated that he was the first tester in Israel and he understands that the technology offers positive effects. 6Degrees is also improving the operating systems for the benefit of those that have amputations, Parkinson’s Disease and children with cerebral palsy.

The technology features an adaptable, patented, self-calibrating as well as learning algorith 6Degrees product is a sleek, wearable band connected through Bluetooth to any smart device. The user puts on the battery-operated band to control technology devices and it is easily adjustable to meet the needs of each user.

Shilon, together with Rami Beracha, aims to help disabled veterans and children feel a sense of normalcy. Both Rami Beracha and Ziv Shilon are icons of inspiration for people with disabilities. For them, being injured is not a barrier to help others improve their lives. Their innovative technology is a good way to inspire people to look at the positive side of life despite their injury or illness.

For more details about Rami Beracha, visit his website at www.ramiberacha.com

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