Chinese Maker Delivered a Speech in Lecture Hall of Cambridge University

May 17 17:33 2019

Innovation tides surge like the situation in capital market. As the sands are swept away by great waves at seaside, a man without ambition for innovation will be knocked out by the lonely and challenging world.

Dialogue in Cambridge, cultural collisions between Chinese and western management ideologies

Wang Ruping, a famous Chinese scholar, is the author of C-model Management. Recently, he released his management science masterpiece Business Compass in Cambridge University, Britain. The event attracted lots of scholars and researchers from countries and regions like China, America, Britain, Portugal, India, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the students of Cambridge University. They had hot exchanges in the topic of Chinese and western management cultures in the seminar of the masterpiece.

Although the participants of the seminar had different understandings for the book out of diverse cultural backgrounds, they reached a consensus that Business Compass has the significance of enlightenment for the follow-up study of economics, organizational behavior science, and management science. The professors and experts of Cambridge confirmed that it has created a new research direction for such sciences. Prof. Wang Dashu from Beijing University said, “We finally see a Chinese scholar standing in the academic palace of Cambridge University with his new management theory architecture, not fully systematical maybe, but indicating a dawn of Chinese academic society inevitably.”

Prof. Stewart, the director of international education of Homerton College, claimed that the seminar is the first to discuss and release the innovative academic achievement integrating traditional Chinese philosophy and western management science in the history of Cambridge. Dr. Wang is the first Chinese discussing Chinese academic achievement and releasing his new works in Homerton College, Cambridge University.

Dr. Wang said, “I can fully feel their surprise in their unbelievable sight and expression. In their ideas, how can Chinese and their enterprises create such a business philosophy concerning the “management of popularity” based on the idea of “being people-oriented”? But they ignored that such idea has being prevailed and influenced numerous Chinese scholars and corporate managers in the history.” The truth is that Dr. Wang with his Business Compass was desired to make the world understand China, her enterprises and eventually her culture.

Ten years’ effort to create “Business Compass”, a management ideology for Chinese Enterprises

Theory results from practice. As a software master of UESTC and a doctorate of UESTC-ISCTE, Dr. Wang has solid theoretical basis and rigorous scholarship. He has the experiences of marketing management, strategic study, and organizational management in Siemens, TCL, and LianTronics, and has created the first smart O2O business model based on his virgin theory of O2O integration development in China as an entrepreneur at the dawn of mobile Internet. All these experiences provide him with a solid foundation for his entrepreneurship later on.

After 10 years’ exploration and reflection in management science, Dr. Wang has developed an analytical method named Business Compass (also BC model) and accomplished the masterpiece integrating the results of both Chinese and foreign scholars and experts in business management and the experiences of hundreds of management practitioners from World Top 500 enterprises and China Top 100 enterprises and numerous micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises.

Based on the reflecting effect of history, Business Compass integrates the traditional Chinese wisdom to the western management quintessence. The book is composed of 119 business modules, in which over 200 cases are vividly and readably interpreted in details. It puts forward the concept that corporate management involves the philosophical concepts of the “management of popularity” with the ideology of “being people-oriented” as its core idea, of the “management of humanity”, and of the “balance of favorability”. Through interpretation of the five dimensions of “trend, law, measure, implement and interest”, the book systematically and thoroughly establishes the “five elements” in corporate business activities. Featured by “invariation, variation and simplicity”, the five dimensions coexist, co-ordinate and inter-restrain, reflecting both the balance of corporate business and the imbalance of corporate growth. It reveals the philosophy of dynamic balance in the corporate business activities, and demonstrates a different business way, profound maybe, but easy actually.

Rich accumulation and abrupt rise, for creative pioneer of business model

Theory guides practice. Relying on the advanced ideology of Business Compass, Dr. Wang has established Sichuan Dadao Robot Co., Ltd. among the first batch of creative firms integrating management science and artificial intelligence in the world. The company focuses on integrated innovations of traditional Chinese management philosophy and western management science, cultural creation and artificial intelligence, modern service industry and industrial technology. In Cambridge, this kind of firm is complimented as “innovations of not only business model but also integration of Chinese and western management cultures, and also confluence of commercial service industry and technological industry.” At present, the company is developing the first robot terminal of “business assistant” together with the entrepreneurial team of artificial intelligence from Cambridge University, which integrates management science with artificial intelligence technology, providing such functions as preparing real-time market analysis and solutions, and business decision analysis and suggestions.

Dr. Wang said, “this is not only an important attempt of myself but also a new theoretical guide frame and diagnosis tool for corporate development under the background of new economy in new era, an important practice assisting people to innovate vanward on the new road.”

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