Traveling: Finding New Adventures in Northern California

October 17 04:15 2018

If you have never left the city where you grew up, you’re missing out on the wonders of life. The world seems like it is small because we view it in pictures from an astronaut’s point of view, but in reality, it is so big that you would never be able to visit every part of it if you spent your whole life doing it. In this article we will discuss why traveling is such an mind-opening experience and will give more helpful hints on google my business when in another city or state. Who knows, maybe you will want to take American whitewater expeditions

Traveling: Adventures in Northern California 

If you live in Southern California, it’s time to visit Northern California. If you’ve lived your whole life in the south, then you probably believe that the North is cold, snowy, and not the place you’d want to be in. In reality, it is the opposite. Though there are areas where it snows, you probably wouldn’t want to go during the winter time anyway. 

There are many places to visit and amazing scenery in Northern California. One of these is the bay area, the most popular city being San Francisco. San Francisco is home to some of the most innovative technology companies and startups in the world. The bay area is also home to Palo Alto, and places like Santa Rosa. 

In Northern California you will also find the county of Sonoma. Famous for its wineries and relaxed lifestyle, hundreds of people and couples move here to enjoy retirement, or travel for vacation. If while you’re heading north you want to have the best scenery available, make sure that you plan your trip along the freeway 1. This is a very famous route because it is along the coast. As you rise in altitude and drive through winding roads you will see nothing but ocean and cliffs. 

Along this same freeway, you can stop at glass beach where there is no sand, but glass pebbles. It is one of the most beautiful and fascinating things I have ever seen. Once you begin to reach your destination, you will also be able to drive through large redwood forests, where, if you get lucky, you may see some wild turkeys or moose. These are only a few of the amazing experiences you will see in your travels to Northern California. 


In conclusion, we briefly spoke about traveling and why the world can continue to show us new scenery, no matter where we are located. One of the worst things you can do in life is staying in your hometown forever. Be open-minded and travel somewhere new. This will give you a different viewpoint on life and we guarantee that you will feel fulfilled. One of the most beautiful areas of this country is Northern California. Make sure you visit this place. No matter what city you decide to go to, always take a camera to record your travels on this world.

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