Get Back into Family Bonding Time with the Escape Room San Diego

October 17 04:05 2018

The world of today is stuck in technology so instead of expressing concern that your family isn’t getting out enough or spending enough time together because of the technology why not embrace it? As technology continues to grow so do the game design and development side of things. The newest game opportunity is a live escape game. 

This discover this live game that usually takes place in one room where only a few people or a large group are locked in. The teams have to work on finding the clues to get out of the rooms. In the rooms there is usually a specific theme that is chosen. While being locked in a room there is multiple locks on many objects. Sometimes there are dressers, desks, chests, etc. However, it might not just be locked items in the room it also might consist of codes to decipher or pictures you have to piece back together. In the rooms there are so many opportunities and you never know what to expect. It is a possibility that the companies hosting the rooms also have the chance to use hints. To receive the hints you may have to say a specific sentence or press a certain button but it is nice to have the option to receive help if needed.

Not only are there multiple themes of rooms to choose from but, there are many options to this entertaining game; race, groups, proposals, parties, team building, and even school field trips. In the racing option it’s two teams racing to see who can get out of the room first. In the proposal option you can choose to hide a ring at the end and propose to your significant other. The proposal option might only be the Lockdown rooms based in San Diego. However, there are many versions of escape rooms all across the United States. 

There is also escape rooms that are based off of haunted houses with the holiday of Halloween coming up. Haunted houses seem to be jumping in the games pretty quick with how popular the escape rooms have been becoming. The haunted house versions would definitely be for the family that gets a rush by being scared and enjoys it. Haunted houses variations are not the only kind. 

Another variation of escape rooms are also where you become a character and have to solve a mystery. It is almost like playing a live board game! It seems the rooms can range from scary to just happy and fun. 

Escape rooms are definitely a fun choice for spending time with the family. It is a activity that all ages can interact in. It is a rare opportunity to find out how you work with other family members in time scrunched situations. It is also a way to find out how your family thinks; inside the box or completely out there! Not only is it a family opportunity but friends, business, etc. can join too! The possibilities are endless with this kind of opportunity.

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