Privacy in The Workplace: Privacy Pods Gaining Popularity

October 17 03:50 2018

The workplace has changed tremendously over the past few decades. Traditional workplaces of the past used to be very uniform with strict rules, hours, and tasks. Today, companies like Facebook and Google are changing the way that employers employ people, and the way in which the work environment is structured. Privacy has become essential, with a balance of socialization. For this reason, in this article we will discuss the essentials of privacy in offices and other workplaces, with an emphasis on Thinktanks which will include these details

Privacy in The Workplace 

Stress is a major factor that reduces employee behavior and production. This stress is caused by a myriad of things such as phones ringing nonstop, chatter from the person on the cubicle beside them, not enough natural light, too many projects needing to get done at once, and very tight deadlines. In order to reduce employee stress and increase productivity, employers need to make changes to their environment and the way in which they demand project completion. In an article written by Business Insider, these tips were given to increase employee well-being and efficiency:

  • Have lots of natural light

  • Bring in plants and succulents

  • Reduce distractions

  • Give one project at a time

  • Reduce noise

Natural light is not only naturally better for humans than fake light, but it increases productivity by 10%. If your offices have large windows, instead of keeping the closed, open them up and let the sunlight shine through. Plants and succulents such on employees’ desks and around the office also increase productivity by another 25%, so invest in these gifts of nature. They will also clean the air for you! Reducing distractions such as notifications on cellphones and too many items on a desk will improve brain enhancement and focus.

By giving employees one project to complete at a time, they will be more focused and will not have multi-tasking syndrome, which has been proven time and again to lower IQ immediately when going back and forth between projects. The final factor that will increase productivity in the workplace is the reduction of noise, or privacy in the workplace. For that reason, there’s something called the Privacy Pod. These are individual or group rooms that are sound proof and will increase brain power by reducing stress and distractions. If you’re an employer this would be a great investment, and if you’re an employee, you should let your boss know about it. 


In conclusion, in this article we discussed some of the reasons why employees get distracted, become stressed, and are having lower levels of productivity than before. Too many projects, noise, and constant distractions create an environment of stress and where it seems that time goes by without getting results. If noise is a problem for your employees or you’re an employee at a company, maybe it’s time to let everyone know that noise is a problem and they should invest in some sound proof rooms.

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