The Customer System and Document Management System Saving Businesses

October 17 03:40 2018

In today’s digital world, businesses have to adapt, or they are swallowed up by those who do. If your business still has physical paper accounting, or use computers from 2001, there’s something very wrong with the way the CEO or managers are thinking. People think that millennials don’t have the experience needed to run a business, and though they may be right to some extent, millennials can be a catalyst to any business if they can see the vision of the company and connect it with their knowledge of technology. For that reason, in this article we will discuss what they are and how to use management systems such as the ones offered by Lucion Technologies. Click here to read more about them. 

Customer and Document Management Systems 

So what are document management and customer management systems? In summary, they are what the name entails, systems to manage documents and customers. There are paid systems and free systems, and though the paid ones may sometimes be better, the free ones can have the same traits and ease of use. 

For managing documents, you can have both physical and cloud management systems that complement each other. If you need to have documents signed by certain people, then you should have a physical document system where you can organize the papers, AND you should also scan and save these same documents the same way on the cloud. Doing this two-step process takes time to do, but would you rather lose the physical documents and get sued, or have a backup for proof? For online management, the best option is the free Google Drive that comes with every Gmail account you make. You can upload up to fifteen gigabytes of data for free and can buy more if you run out, or simply make another account. 

As far as management for your customers and network, you can use the same tools inside of google, such as google sheets. Within google sheets you can create thousands of rows and write the pertinent customer information on the columns at the top of the sheet, such as the name, phone number, email, at what step of your pipeline they are in, and whether or not they have already purchased from you. Another great option that google offers is the Copper CRM. This paid option can do everything that your business needs and is automatically connected to your Gmail and google drive. 


In conclusion, in this article we discussed what document and customer management systems are. They are simply a way to keep your business organized so that you can focus on making more sales and growing the company. The term used for management of customers is customer relations management (CRM) and the one we recommend is called Copper CRM. We hope this article gave you a few ideas on how to manage your personal or business documents better, whether you can pay for the systems or prefer to start off with the free versions, they will help you tremendously.

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