A New Advanced Lutein & Zeaxanthin Vision Supplement For Overall Eye Health

October 10 17:50 2018

Columbia, SC, USA – Introducing Eye Love’s release of their new Lutein and Zeaxanthin Vision Supplement by Heyedrate. Eye Love, an eye wellness company, was started in May 2015 by two optometrists passionate about providing a better quality of life through better vision. Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler create eye health supplements geared toward those with specific eye diseases, and these supplements are strongly regulated by them. Their other eye wellness products, such as the dry eye mask, provide therapeutic relief for those with specific eye conditions.

The new eye vitamins, available on Amazon, will enhance your eye health, vision, and maintain a healthy macula and retina. Cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are the leading causes of visual impairment and acquired blindness in the U.S, affecting millions of aging Americans. Nutrition is one promising way to prevent or delay the progression of these diseases. The crystalline lens (the natural lens in the eye) primarily collects and focuses light on the retina. To do this throughout your life, the lens must continue to stay clear. Oxidation of the lens is a dominant cause of cataracts, which cloud the lens.

Antioxidant nutrients neutralize free radicals that are associated with oxidative stress and retinal damage. This is why the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin likely play that role in preventing cataracts and macular degeneration. Actually, some studies have even shown that higher dietary intake of the lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as vitamin E, was associated with a significantly decreased risk of cataract formation. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t naturally make the lutein and zeaxanthin it needs. That’s one reason why eating your green vegetables is important. But don’t fear, if you are unable to get the daily amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin through your diet, these easy to use nutritional eye vitamins can replace it. Just one quick release of the new lutein and zeaxanthin softgel per day provides 20 mg of lutein and 1 mg of zeaxanthin to fight your aging eyes.

Try this new lutein and zeaxanthin vision supplement for yourself. And if or when you do purchase any Eye Love product, Eye Love gives an eye exam, glasses, and sunglasses to someone in need. Join the mission to end preventable blindness.

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